Project Management with AI, Automation and the Gig Economy, Built-In.

Build for Industrial Revolution 4.0

Build Apps

Use the power of the crowd to help you plan, design and build apps faster while reducing waste and cost. Build a hundred ideas quickly to see what to build and iterate quickly.

Build Companies

Companies build both for the future and need to address the needs of their customers now. Automate the present with the Gig economy and AI so you can build the future.

Build Movements

Use the power of the crowd and automation to make the world better. Help fight climate change, promote democratic ideals, and make the world better for everyone.

Project Management for Industrial Revolution 4.0

Most project management tools are fantastic. However, we still need to do the work ourselves. We went back to the drawing board and thought of what would a modern project management tool need to have and realized that it needs to have AI, Automation and the Gig Economy built-in.

  • AI

    AI is built into LandingCrew to figure out what tasks you are doing and match you with people and other AI that will allow you to do projects quickly. Gain AI superpowers that will enable you to deliver faster and make your customers happier.

  • Automation

    Have to do the same task daily but it isn't critical you do it? Have to find sales data routinely, but it eats up all your time? Have jobs that are done by people, but you want a computer to do it faster? LandingCrew enables you to get code and automations built so that you can scale your apps, companies and movements faster and win.

  • Gig Economy

    We are moving to a world powered by the Gig economy. People share their cars and their home. Let the people around the world share their minds to help build your projects faster. Share your skills and services with the world to help other people move faster.

Sell Your Services

Sell services, products, AI, data and more to help people and companies build Apps, Companies and Movements.


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